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The second day of BUILD had several news in store for developers. The buzzwords were “connected and continuous”, which topped the word charts with the very frequently used other pair: “fast and fluid”.

The following pictures show some of the highlights of the second keynote with limited commercial interruption:)

@kellabyte – seeing anything familiar here? 🙂

Visual Studio 11 – clone search enabled.  Let the clone wars begin!

even more announcements for developers!

DOM Inspector also available in ASP.NET MVC 4.

ScottGu shows how ASP.NET MVC 4 now even supports IPhone:)

Windows Azure Publish goodness.

They got their tablet; but crowd is still here! 🙂

TFS Preview in Azure.

TFS in the cloud.

Hello Windows Server 8; we have been expecting you.

Idenity detail: support for Claims based authentication.

Windows Server 8 – performance improvements.

Another opportunity for devs.

funky + cool naming: Windows.Security.Credentials.PasswordVault()

Steve Ballmer in the house; reading out comments on Windows 8 announcements.

Windows everywhere!

Windows Phone 7/7.5 love.

Hardware + software go hand in hand.

Clouds on the horizon.

Are you ready?

Developers, developers, developers!

Action Plan following BUILD Day#2

Check out BUILD’s Wednesday Keynote here. Opening keynote is available on this link.

Download Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview (MSDN subscribers only).

Download Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows 8.

Wait for Windows 8 Server preview to become available this week.

Download ASP.NET MVC 4. More info on Phil Haack’s blog.

Visit the Windows Dev Center.

Take a look at the Channel 9 – Build Videos; more content is added after each day of BUILD.

Let’s get ready for BUILD day#3.

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