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 For a project I am recently working on, I needed a quick intro into the Silverlight 3 Navigation Framework and as ever so often I found myself checking out the tutorial videos on Silverlight.NET.

Tim Heuer‘s Navigation Framework video is quite helpful and I would recommend it to anybody who needs a speedy introduction to the navigation framework introduced with Silverlight 3. The video shows the Navigation references and SDK controls needed, it talks about UriMapping and deeplinking plus some NavigationService and NavigationContext methods.

Instead of downloading the code right away, I decided to follow along and do the coding, while watching the video. But when I ran the app, an error message was awaiting me:




So I went through the most recent comments on the video’s page and discovered a very helpful blog entry from Mister GoodCat.

The video had been recorded in March 2009, when Silverlight 3 Beta was out. Clearly the Silverlight 3 RTM had some breaking changes in store for the navigation framework! To fix the problem I first tried out the  first step outlined in Mister GoodCat’s article and added  a preceeding “/”s to all URI’s throughout the app  (Files: MainPage.xaml, CustomerList.xaml.cs). In fact; the error message gives you also a precise clue in that direction!

Running the app again, I could see that the error message had changed. This was error#2:




So I went on to try out the second fix; which was to add a UriMapper to the navigation:Frame declaration in MainPage.xaml. Here it is:

<navigation:Frame x:Name=”MainFrame” Source=”Home”  HorizontalContentAlignment=”Stretch” VerticalContentAlignment=”Stretch” Margin=”20″ UriMapper=”{StaticResource uriMapper}”/>

This time the app just worked perfect!


Code Fix – Discovery:

I thought I should just make the code available here; as it’s almost identical to the code for the video except for the minor fix. 

That’s when I decided to check out all the code differences line by line and made an interesting discovery! Once you add the UriMapper as a static resource; the preceeding “/” are no longer needed. I’m sure there is a very scientific explanation for that; which I haven’t had time to find out so far…


So – in brief; if you define the UriMapper as a static resource in the frame, your app should be good to go! You might not even come across this problem in newer tutorials; however this video is pretty good and the source fix is not that hard; right?

Source Download:

You can download the source code here.

The only difference is the app name; instead of NavigationSample, you will see SLNavigationSample. Probably page titles may also differ; but the code is identical in syntax. I started out with a clean Silverlight 3 + Web App and didn’t use the Silverlight Navigation Application option available in Visual Studio 2008.


Hopefully this tiny source fix will save you some time + trouble!


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I have been web silent for a while, except for my Twitter updates. Now I feel it’s time to break the ice with my blog.

 Leading an invisible web presence doesn’t mean that I haven’t been active. During Spring/Summer, I completed 4 ART classes at California State University and I had a chance to work with Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign on Mac. In fact, I also spent some messy time with charcoals, pencils and paper. Recently I modestly shared some of my digital work on Deviantart. All these efforts to boost my knowledge in design are not solely for distraction or entertainment. It might be a brave goal to admit, but I’d like to be able to design as a developer.


Though irrelevant, I also started to learn French and completed two classes. Now and then, I get some instant moments of happiness, when I catch a word or two in some lyrics, a restaurant menu or a beauty magazine. C’est merveilleux!

But besides my artsy aspirations, I kept my geeky persona alive. I worked on .NET web development assignments, continued to experiment with Silverlight 3 and tried out the new features of Expression tools. Here’s a more accurate list of my routine…


My latest geeky reading list

Silverlight 3 – Programmer’s Reference

Accelerated Silverlight3

Expression Blend 3 with Silverlight

The Passionate Programmer

The Golden Ratio – The Story of Phi, the World’s Most Astonishing Number


My latest geeky activities

being a community volunteer at Digigirlz Camp, Culver City, LA and proctoring Small Basic, Kodu, Blend 3, Windows Live Movie Maker classes

writing about MSDN Kid’s Corner and Digigirlz events/sessions on Digigirlz’ Space – Windows Live

tuning in to the Silverlight 3 Firestarter event

watching Ignite Your Career WebCast Series

solving puzzles while playing Professor Layton and the Curious Village

refreshing my algorithm skills through Programming Interviews Exposed


In case you missed it, you can find the Silverlight FireStarter slides on Mithun Dhar’s blog; the sessions will also become available soon on-demand. The next Firestarter live webcast I’m looking forward to is the ASP.NET MVC event. ASP.NET MVC seems so much more familiar for someone who has done Java development with MVC methodologies and it’s great that you can associate your former coding experience with all the features you are reading about. Basically; it’s nice to know that you already know something.

Another interesting news to mention is the WebsiteSpark program that Microsoft announded yesterday. It will offer web developers and designers access to Microsoft services and products at no upfront cost.


For someone keeping silent; I’m surprised about  how much I had to write about. I’ll do my best to keep up with the writing. But from now on, I won’t wait till I come up with a crazy invention or original topic, but rather simply share the basic discoveries that I make during my developer work, my Silverlight experiments, my design progress and my daily life. The longer I plan, the less I can share and the less genuine it will be. 


After all, why should we have a web presence, if we don’t use the opportunity to share and provide information that could be useful or interesting to others; even if that turns out be only one person.

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MIX09: My UX

Due to the crazy list of releases and announcements (Silverlight3 Beta1, SketchFlow in Expression Blend, Blend 3 Preview, Super Preview, IE 8, ASP.NET MVC 1.0 etc.) at MIX09, there is already an intense overload of information out there. Some blog entries were posted the minute the keynote was over. So I decided to let the storm cool down a little bit, before I write about my first impressions and experimental samples. I truly plan to keep this wait short… But until then I want to share personal UXs of my MIX09 Adventure, which turned out to be inspiring, unique and … yes, they are all mine! First thanks goes out to my geeky MIXDIVA – Developer Evangelist Lynn Langit.


Let’s start off with my Silverlight UX:

On the last day of MIX09, I finally had a chance to meet Dave Campbell(Wynapse), who spent almost two hours to introduce me to a brilliant Silverlight crowd. Right at this moment, I still blush, as he has even mentioned this encounter on his blog.

I should thank him once again; I guess I got a real-time demo of a sincere developer community involvement action. As a matter of fact, he is always very kind to include my Silverlight entries in SilverlightCream.


Here’s a list of Silverlight Pro’s I had a chance to meet:

Jesse Liberty: Silverlight Geek” and “Developer Community Liaison

Tim Heuer: Microsoft Silverlight Program Manager

Laurent Bugnion: Author of Silverlight Unleashed. Surprisingly he is from a German speaking country (Switzerland); which was so refreshing!

Shawn Wildermuth: Microsoft MVP C# and he is the one, who’s behind the Silverlight-Tour workshops

Mike Harsh: Silverlight Program Manager

Corrina Black:  Silverlight platform – Lead designer

John Papa: Microsoft C# MVP, Author of Data Driven Services with Silverlight 2

Corey Schuman: Author of Microsoft Expression Blend 2 for Windows:
Visual QuickStart Guide

Pete Brown: Microsoft MVP for Client Application Development (Silverlight and WPF)

Koen Zwikstra: The Silverlight Spy guy

Corey Miller: Senior Consultant Magenic Technologies

Bryant Likes: UX Developer for Avanade, Co-author of SQL-Server 2000 XML Distilled


I even have some pictures to support or should I say prove:) my happy ending SL UX. To recognize me, just look out for the girl, who doesn’t know where to put here hands; isn’t that funny?

 MIX09 - Silverlight Pros

MIX09 - with Silverlight Pro's


Certainly, it wasn’t only me, who took pictures… So I discovered myself on Jesse Liberty’s Photo Essay blog entry as well…

It seems – what happens at MIX, doesn’t stay there! Luckily all content is also available to everyone. You can check out tons of Silverlight video sessions right here! Get ready to be surprised!

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February is starting off good! I am going to MIX09 in March – thanks to Lynn Langit; who is now not just SocalDevgal but is also nicknamed MixDiva.  I’m already excited about the Silverlight 3 announcement and the Silverlight sessions. And who knows – I may get a chance to network with some Silverlight and UX Pro’s? Just to mention, I am one of the 10 readers Adam Kinney was talking about in his Silverlight 3 blog entry; however I am not sure if he knows that and actually will say hi? Well, will see.


There is a lot more information about the sessions and speakers on the MIX09 web site.  Here are a few sessions that caught my eye:

Building Microsoft Silverlight Applications with Eclipse – Shawn Wildermuth. A few weeks ago, I played with the Eclipse Silverlight plugin; so I am really looking forward to this one!

The Future of Microsoft Expression Blend – Douglas Olson

What’s New in Microsoft Silverlight 3 – Joe Stegman

What’s New in Microsoft Silverlight 3 Media – Larry Olson

Integrating Microsoft Expression Blend with Adobe Creative Suite – Joanna Mason

Go Beyond Best Practices: Evolving Next Practices to Prosper in the 21st Century – Lewis Carbone

Escaping Flatland in Application Design: Visualizing Data – Peter Eckert, Eric Gould Bear

Building Accessible RIAs in Microsoft Silverlight – Reed Shaffner, Chris Auld. Lately I am trying to get some insight into Web Accesibility and having an accesibility + silverlight combo presentation sounds fantastic.


There is also a section called SHOWOFF, which gives you the chance to share bits and pieces about your uber-cool projects with a video. You can find more details under the Mixtify tab on the MIX09’s website.



I feel that the MIX Conference is so much different from many big geek events. The overall concept seems to be more colorful, inspirational and crazy creative! Probably bringing developers and designers together makes it so devign (=divine).

If you register until February 13th, you can save $400 or try to look out for some geeky angels without wings!

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