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I have spent some time reading about + playing with Silverlight video player applications. There is lots of info out on the Web about Silverlight video players and it is really hard to work your way through all of them. So I thought I should share the links, which proved to be the most useful for me.


Jesse Liberty’s Hypervideo Tutorials

These video tutorials are pretty awesome. You get a chance to see how to edit Expression Encoder templates in Expression Blend and add hypervideo links and markers to your video. By the way; if you haven’t been to the How do I? section of the Silverlight.net web site, you are missing out on very informative plus free learning material.


Streaming and Progressive Download Info

Vertigo is a company, that has lots of cool Silverlight projects like Hard Rock  Memorabilia using DeepZoom, Slide.Show/Video.Show and the most recent one, HD quality live streaming player for the Inaguration of Barack Obama. They teamed up with CBS, Microsoft and Move Networks to make that happen. A while ago, scanning through their blogs, I discovered Elisabeth Boonin’s entry titled “Streaming, Progressive Download and Silverlight“, which provides a brilliant clarification of the differences between video download, progressive download and video streaming. Especially if you tried to start off with streaming through Silverlight’s Streaming web site, you might be dazzled with the misnomer. The Silverlight Streaming website provides progressive download services and not (live) streaming; to do streaming you actually need a streaming server. The article is a quite detailed orientation to video delivery mechanisms and I enjoyed reading it.


The Open Video Player Initiative

This is  a community project that concentrates on sharing best practices for video player development and monetization. The website has source codes available for a video player in Silverlight and Flash, which can be downloaded from SourceForge. The Silverlight open video player includes a ready interface for setting parameters and I could replay videos with progressive download and streaming without any problems. Yet I did not look into the source code in detail; therefore I cannot comment on the coding so far. You can check out the SmoothHD site to experience an Open Video Player sample in action.


Silverlight 2 Video Player

Currently I am checking out the Silverlight Video Player 2 source code, which can be found on CodePlex. The video player features include support for streaming video, startup parameters, full screen playback and timeline marker support. The player is resizable and rescalable too. The participating developers in the project are Joel Neubeck and Tim Heuer. Actually, I  always find tons of Silverlight media goodies on Tim Heuer’s blog and it’s always worth a visit. Recently I also read on Joel Neubeck’s blog that their video player is now used on Microsoft’s MediaRoom site.

Once I come up with my customized sample of the Silverlight 2 Video Player; I plan to share more bits and pieces about my own development experience.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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For some time now, I let some weird Silverlight ideas travel around in my head; as a matter of fact they start to get heavier each day. Only nowadays my freelance development assignments plus my new Social Media Marketing class (yay – I love every minute of it!) leave me little time for experimenting. Merely not to be totally disconnected from the progress taken place at the speed of light in the Silver arena, I decided to give up some sleep and upgrade my existing apps to the latest version (Silverlight 2).

So far, I have upgraded three of my experimental Silverlight applications. I had already talked about them in my blog. If you would like to read further details about these apps click on the Silverlight tag on the left.

Crocusgirl: A work in progress; this is supposed to be my development playground.



Picture Puzzle: Silverlight Picture Puzzle (Sliding Blocks) Application

California Adventure: Deep Zoom Silverlight Application

I’m still working on my Hangman application; I need to fix some issues with the KeyDown event; which is now being handled synchronously in Silverlight 2.

The codes for the Picture Puzzle application can be found on SkyDrive. My Blog’s “Silverlight Experiments” page is going to be something like a repository for all application links; info about the apps will be separate blog entries.

Hopefully I will find some time do further Silverlight experimenting before the end of this year; cause I’m sure there will be lots of new Silverlight announcements once the MIX09 date approaches.

What if days get any longer than 24 hours; probably that would help me too 😉

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I’m updating my existing applications to Silverlight 2 RC and bumped once again into the not so self-explanatory “AG_E_NETWORK_ERROR“. Due to developer’s-momentary-amnesia caused by ultra-multi-tasking , I just couldn’t find a reason for the error and spent unnecessary time to solve something I had already done once or twice. So I decided to note down an online tip to check out for future Silverlight experiments before diving into detailed forum searches.

If your Silverlight application is using media files from your local application directory, you need to copy it to the ClientBin directory. In case you forget to do so, you will see an Error Dialog in your browser once you run the application with this joyful message:

Error: Unhandled Error in Silverlight 2 Application SilverlightApp.xap
Code: 4001
Category: MediaError

This was the error in my application and taking a closer look at the ClientBin solved my problem. In fact, your error could be caused by something else. If you need some time to find more about your error, but you don’t want your application to shoot out this error dialog, add the MediaFailed event to your MediaElement objects and handle errors as appropriate. This is a clue I got from Mike Snow’s “Silverlight Tips of the Day” blog; which has always lots of up-to-date info!


Here’s some lyrical closing statement to end my entry plus today:

May your night
be bright
as Silverlight.

 What if it’s not amnesia; but a split personality issue?!? LOL. Upon further investigating this issue – actually it’s quite obvious that the poet didn’t/couldn’t/won’t remember the developer’s error correction. Ok – no need to panic then; calm down; everything is resolved! Is it?!? 🙂

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