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In just 2 days, May 16-17, you have a chance to bring your Windows and Windows Phone apps to one of over 60 global //publish/ coding events. You will receive on site support to help you overcome the final technical blockers, add finishing design touches, and get your app submitted to the Windows Phone and Windows Stores.

The following is just a list of locations in the US, but the event is taking place worldwide. Make sure to check out your country and city to find the most convenient location for you, so that you do not miss out on this great opportunity. This is a simultaneous event, taking place in over 60 communities, which will be connected worldwide!




As an attendee, you will be able to collaborate and get help with application development and design, performance tuning, testing, publishing etc. You may even have questions about porting from Unity; no problem! There will be various testing devices that you can utilize to test your app. You may connect online with developers and Microsoft products specialist from all over the world, since these will be simultaneous worldwide events. Once your done, don’t act shy – you have the option to show off your awesome work at the App Showcase.

As a side note, attendees at the events will be surprised by tons of incentives at the event. Those who showcase and publish their app on the event day, may win prizes including a Dell Venue Pro 8 tablet, a Nokia 1520 Windows Phone and so much more! There is also the //publish/ contest with even greater prizes! You can check out all the details about the //publish/ contest here. Even if you are not an attendee, you will need to submit your application by June 1st, so time is running out, hurry up!

One final reminder; while you are at the event and want to share a tweet or if you would like to get out the word for one of the local events, please use the hashtag #pubwin. A little less than 48 hours and the fun can start!


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MIX11 is just 10 days away and you may already be all jazzed up about the conference sessions and networking opportunities.  Just the weekend before MIX11, the Rockstars in Orange County Kickstart (ROCK!) event will take place here in sunny Southern California at the Microsoft Retail Store in Mission Viejo, CA. The event is organized by Microsoft Retail, in Coordination with the SoCal Dev Event Team. If you are in the area, you should definitely attend ROCK!



The Rock! event presentation topics include UX, Natural User Interfaces, Silverlight, IIS Smooth Streaming, Sketchflow, Windows Phone 7, WCF RIA Services, PRISM, XNA, Kinect and so much more. What’s even better; you get a chance to meet excellent speakers, among them Microsoft MVP’s, Regional Directors and  senior program managers and managing directors from Microsoft. Just to name a few: Tim HuckabyJesse Liberty, , Dave DrachDave Campbell, Emil StoychevJeff Paries, Ryan PlemonsOmar Del RioGerardo Gonzales UscangaAndras VelvartZoltan ArvaiDavid SilverlightColin Blair etc.


You can find detailed information about the speakers, presentations and location on the accompanying http://stateoftheartwebdev.com site.


You need to RSVP to the ROCK! sessions; just visit the following links  for registration:

April 9th, Saturday morning session

April 9th, Saturday evening session

April 10th, Sunday morning session


But wait; that’s not all! If you can’t make it to MIX11, you may attend the ROCK!ON evening events taking place in the same week with the conference. Reza Madani, OC .NET User Group Lead, will lead the events. MIX11 highlights and videos of the day will be shared. In addition, Microsoft speakers will present on topics like Silverlight, HTML5, .NET Coding Standards, MVC3 and Entity Framework. The current speaker list includes: Craig Shoemaker, David McCarter, Paul Sheriff and Michael T. Roth.


You can RSVP to the Rock!On events following these links:

April 11th, Monday evening session

April 12th, Tuesday evening session

April 13th, Wednesday evening session

April 14th, Thursday evening session


If you can’t make it to MIX11, the Rock!On events are definitely the place to be not to miss out on all the latest and greatest news during the conference. If you are buried in work and can’t make it to any of the events; Rock! and Rock!On presentation links will be published on the website after the events.


MIX11 around the corner + all these refreshing tech events; without exception – April will be an exciting month for all geeks!


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You would wish the summer to be always sunny and bright, yet some summer days this year were rather dominated by overcast weather luckwise…

Yet a single moment, erased all the stormy clouds and left me speechless with surprise. I would like to share my joy, even if time has passed since the announcement, with everyone, who made it possible for me to thrive professionally and be recognized as a Silverlight MVP.

I received a stunningly beautiful reward, but what matters most is, that I get the chance to be a part of an outstanding community and discover/share new wonders of Silverlight technologies every day; the latest being Windows Phone 7 Development.

There is a long road ahead of me to outshine what I have done so far and I think I will have lots of fun + fabulous experiences along the way!

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Being the SilverlightShow Eco Contest Community winner, I got the chance to meet up with the SilverlightShow team at MIX10 for the first time. Upon their request, I published Mix10 insider reports and I also helped out with two interviews; the first interview with one of the Silverlight MVP‘s of the year Laurent Bugnion and the second interview with Microsoft Expression Studio/Silverlight  Technical Evangelist Adam Kinney.

I need to thank the SilverlightShow team for making MIX10 even more exciting than it already was through these mini-interviews and reporting tasks. Then, I would also like to send big thank you’s to Laurent Bugnion and Adam Kinney, who took the time for our interviews during their crazy busy MIX10 schedule.

Laurent Bugnion’s Interview: We talked with Laurent Bugnion about the Windows Phone 7 and Silverlight announcements at MIX10, his new book “Silverlight 4 Unleashed” (the sequel to his first book Silverlight 2 Unleashed), Silverlight adoption in Europe, the SilverlightShow EcoContest and much more. I witnessed his MVVM talk at MIX10, which he gave to a super-crowded room, so you don’t want to miss this interview!

You can watch Laurent Bugnion’s “Understanding the MVVM pattern” video online now and find the sample code from his MIX10 talk on his blog.

Adam Kinney’s Interview: For Adam Kinney’s interview, I tried to focus on Microsoft Expression Studio and the design aspects of Silverlight. He shared with us detailed information about Project Rosetta website, which currently focuses on relating Flash concepts to Silverlight, and .toolbox, which is a fun online learning environment, where you can learn about basic design concepts as well as the fundamentals of creating Silverlight applications using the Expression Studio tools.

Adam Kinney’s “Flash Skills Applied to Silverlight” talk was a continuation of Project Rosetta and provided lots of useful bits for designers and developers; you should definitely check out the online video.

For the second interview, I had my camera with me, so I got a nice picture as a reward for my endless list of questions.

Note to self:

I discovered tech interviews through channel9 and TechZulu and watched quite a few of them, yet I have never done any  myself. Based on my own critical observation, I need some practice there with interviewing skills! But without trying, there is no chance to detect mistakes and identify chances for improvement. Therefore I will simply stick to the “practice makes perfect” plan and save my harsh self-critiques for later. Besides all the critique, it seems the first-time interviewer did her research and got some good questions ready!

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