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Due to some last-minute luck and when I least expected it, I got a free pass to BUILD. I have to emphasize the luck factor, as the conference tickets had sold out rather quickly, in spite of  the lack of public session and speaker lists as well as keynote topics.

I have to send a big THANK YOU to StartupWeekend  and Microsoft BizSpark, who teamed up with the Windows team to offer a limited number of free passes to BUILD. I had been following the BizSpark newsletter for some time and I was also checking out StartupWeekend news, as both provide news sources for and about aspiring entrepreneurs. I especially want to thank Maris McEdward, Community Manager at StartupWeekend, and James Senior, Senior Technical Product Manager in the Windows 8 team, who both have been very helpful with the registration process.

The following 140 character short yet very poetic (!) reasoning about my enthusiasm to attend BUILD made me a ticket winner: This geekgirl can’t wait to discover Windows8 + deep dive into HTML5. If you don’t want my dreams to be killed, let me win a ticket to BUILD. Well, for those, who thought poetry doesn’t get you anywhere, I may have thrown an unhandled exception just this very moment.

In the past weeks, I tried to steer away from any heated discussions and conspiracy theories. I am certainly curious to find out about the latest announcements and I may have a few predictions. As expected, the announcements will please a certain crowd, while starting off upset discussions among others.  As for me; I am ready to embrace mind-blowing news, ground-breaking  changes and the modern Web. The term “modern” is mentioned multiple times in a latest feature story about BUILD on the Microsoft News Center site and when there is such an emphasis on modern, who wants to stay outdated, right? Fun aside, in my opinion, two of the key details in the article: “the modern Web – a place of rich, immersive, and engaging user experiences that consumers interact with across a wide spectrum of devices” and “Web projects becoming more application-like”… I guess, we need to read between the lines.

With less than 12 hours to the first keynote, the BUILD countdown has officially begun. Numerous predictions already popped up in Twitter (#bldwin) and the blogosphere today, however the non-stop stream of news, tweets etc. will take place tomorrow. If you want to catch up with the latest BUILD updates, MicrosoftFeed has compiled a thorough list of links on how to follow BUILD Windows related news. You may also browse to the BUILD virtual pressroom tomorrow morning for the live streaming/video link of the keynote.

Until Microsoft unveils all the mysteries surrounding BUILD in a few hours, there is not much to do than “Abwarten und Tee trinken“.

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