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Microsoft has launched a new contest called “Mix 10K Smart Coding Challenge” for the Mix09 conference. Project entries will be accepted until the end of January 2009. The web applications must be in Silverlight, WPF or run as a XAML Browser application. Applications will be be made available online for “Public Voting”, which means that there will be a “Community Choice” winner besides the “Judge’s Choice” winner. The winners will receive cool prizes; you can check them out here: http://2009.visitmix.com/MIXtify/TenKRules.aspx


So basically you should maximize the user’s Silverlight/WPF experience, but minimalize everything else – cut down/optimize your code, remove irrelevant libraries, comments, whitespaces etc. The code might not be pretty in the inside; but everything is about polished looks these days any way 🙂 Just kidding!


The 10K challenge info page also gives the following list of similar contests for some inspiration:

Wolfenstein 5K: http://www.wolf5k.com/

5K: http://www.sylloge.com/5k/entries/list.html

Stewart Butterfield’s 5K: http://www.alistapart.com/articles/5k


I googled and searched through tweets to check out some blog entries/news about the 10K contest. Bill Reiss’ Silverlight blog has some tips+tricks on how to cram an application into 10K. The notes really gave me “food for thought”! But I’m not sure if I’m motivated enough to become a contest participant; probably I need some food for courage as well?

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