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The Los Angeles Silverlight Usergroup has begun its journey to become the biggest and best Silverlight User Group on the Planet. Last month the group had three sponsors and gave away roughly $2,500 in prizes not including Swag and Food. This month, and every month hereafter the UG plans to give away over $12,000 in prizes because of existing sponsors such as ApressDevExpress, United Future/WongDoody and new sponsors like Telerik, Infragistics, ComponentOne, Red Gate, SilverlightShowVIBlend, the Jeff Levy Show (the Digital Doctor), Safari Books Online, Syncfusion, Nowcom, The Windows Phone Dev Podcast, and more coming soon!

At the next meeting, Wednesday May 25th (7pm PST), that is tomorrow, they will be broadcasting the Meeting/Show LIVE online for the very first time! But they are not just pointing a camera and turning it on; they went out and purchased thousands of dollars in equipment and software and even brought a Director/Producer on board, Peter Genovese, to coordinate the whole thing. There will be multiple camera angles, special effects, cut away sponsor spots, live chat and the audience is encouraged to participate in chat, questions and are eligible to win their share of the $12k in PRIZES! This special online Meeting/Show is brought to the users in part by Infragistics and Red Gate software. If you don’t want to miss out on the fun tomorrow, go here, sign up for free. You may also watch the meeting online here: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/la-slug

If you are going to be viewing online only and attempting to win prizes you must do two things:

  • Live outside of a 100 mile radius of Los Angeles.
  • Email LASLUGTicket@gmail.com to get a raffle ticket number (they are free)

International viewers may participate too. The only catch: If the prize is a physical one like a book, you will need to handle the shipping cost.

I will have cool SilverlightShow T-Shirts to raffle off; see you all tomorrow!

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