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This is a quick “IllustrationFriday” work of mine; this week’s topic is “Blur”.


I really enjoyed the accompanying quote “The supreme accomplishment is to blur the line between work and play” (Arnold Toynbee). That’s an ultimate goal I suppose.

The little miss depicted here in the illustration seems to apply a “touch of blur” to anything that crosses her mind. Some helpful pointers about her brain traffic: Need new shoes, call mom, call friends, reply to emails, read that book, promotion?, sale, what to wear, what to cook, plan weekend, plan vacation, diet, exercise more often, this bag doesn’t match, new cosmetics?, house cleaning, gained weight, need chocolate, work too much, talk less, talk more, bad hair day, kids, love, happiness, career plan, 401K, money, chocolate, meditate, freedom, music … la la la la….

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