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Sometimes we fit too easily in the crowd of unnoticed identities. Only few of us act brave and make an effort to distinguish their precious self.

What makes us invisible is our behavioral pattern to act calm, content, happy, silent and indifferent, while we might have a screaming giant, a murmuring poet or a confused illusionist deep down inside. 




The drawing is supposed to be a reflection of my almost weird idea. A tidy recurrent pattern forms an exterior, which safely hides the intricately wired interior. Pretty much – a chaos in disguise.


This is my first IllustrationFriday submission; it’s not hard to guess – this week’s topic is “pattern“. Hope you enjoy!


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Weekend Artist

This weekend I decided to use my Buntstifte (colored pencils) to do some drawings… and to stay away from the laptop! Sometimes I just need to reassure myself that the keyboard and the screen are not extensions to my hands/arms and eyes. I need to disconnect myself from the online world on purpose. It’s hard but not impossible!

Back to drawing… I used a promotional picture from OPI’s France collection – or La Collection de France, which I discovered in Instyle‘s November 2008 issue. But due to my lack of practice, I just left out some details from the original picture such as the hands, which I have never been good at drawing. I also changed the color scheme to make it a little brighter and because I didn’t have all the color shades!

Here’s the original picture and the end (or let’s say test) result:


opi-france         hatgirl_drawing_small


Feel free to make comments – but please don’t be too cruel.

As I said – I’m just sharing here some weekend activity… The word “artist” in today’s title is nothing more than wishful thinking!  Plus – where’s your holiday spirit? Falalalala la lala la…

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