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Based on my latest Wikipedia wisdom, mango is the the most cultivated fruit of the tropical world. With a little ambitious creativity, the phrase “cultivated” can be interpreted in two ways: The fruit is grown and produced or mangos are sophisticated, refined and well-educated. Yet to support the latter, we need a few facts.

Mango, as a fruit, has long been a symbol of  summer, but this fall it embraced a new role to embody sophistication as the latest Windows Phone Update! Custom ringtones, new speech commands, visual voicemails, linked inboxes, groups, enhanced social network integration, multitasking, even better live tiles, improved search + maps features and the list goes on and on. If you check out the videos on the update feature list page, you will soon discover, that there is sufficient evidence to state, that this fall the term “cultivated” simply translates to “sophisticated/refined” for the mango we are talking about!

Certainly this attempt of literary explanation may sound like a far reach for some of you. So let’s shift our focus to the excitement Mango has in store for Windows Phone developers. As I shared in my previous blog entry, there are numerous Windows Phone Camps taking place allover the country.  Participants get a full day of free training plus a chance to win a Windows Phone 7. But this is just the beginning; the surprises don’t stop here!

Windows Phone – Go Mango App Contest

Just recently, a new US-based contest has been announced: Go Mango! The contest will run from October 15th and December 31st. The APPortunities for Windows Phone developers are two-fold:

  • Every new Mango app you publish within the contest timeline will be entered to win 1 of 5 Samsung Series 7 slates.
  • When you publish 5 new apps, you will earn 1 entry to win free advertising for one app of your choice.

The free advertising will run on the Windows Phone Application Network for about 60 days and include 25K impressions.

The more Windows Phone Mango apps you get into the marketplace until the end of 2011, the more chances you will get to win. You can find the detailed contest rules here.

Windows Phone Ad Campaign

Another great offering for Windows Phone developers is the Windows Phone Advertising Campaign“Your app here” . The campaigns run from December 2011 to February 2012. The application submission deadline for the December campaign ended yesterday, October 25th; however there are still two more months, if you plan to submit your Windows Phone application.

Each month from December through February, up to seven apps will be selected and promoted in campaigns created and funded by Windows Phone. Selected apps will get an online banner and their ads will run across the MSN Network of sites. This campaign will deliver one million ad impressions for each app selected. To participate, your Windows Phone App

Besides these participation terms, your app should certainly be user-friendly and engaging, stick to Metro design principles and provide integration of App Connect if relevant.

You can explore great Metro tutorials on the .toolbox site. You may also want to check out the User Experience Design Guidelines for Windows Phone on MSDN. The Mango Jump Start Series on Channel 9 by Rob Miles and Andy Wigley are also quite informative, if you need a fast-paced deep-dive into Windows Phone Mango.

Fast Track to the Mobile App – Design Contest

This is a Windows Phone Design Contest organized by Core77 and Microsoft. The contest challenges participants to rethink “work everywhere” capabilities of smartphones. Participants are expected to create designs with maximized usability, productivity and integration features by utilizing the benefits and features of the Windows Phone Platform. The contest does not require any coding; a contest entry can consist of a Sketchflow mockup, images of the sketches and an optional video and/or presentation. The contest ends November 18th.

One of the contest taglines summarizes the constantly connected, mobilized life-style of today: “We’re looking for design that understands, your computer is no longer on your desk, it’s in your pocket.

Telerik Special Prize for Windows Phone Unleashed Apps

Though this may not be directly Mango news; it is still a great Windows Phone related activity. It may also motivate you to attend one of the Windows Phone Camps; there could always be new surprises for these latest round of developer events. Telerik has announced a Grand Prize for applications submitted by participants of the Windows Phone 7 Unleashed events. These events were organized by Microsoft and local developer communities. The Grand Prize winner will be announced Friday, October 28th. 

There will also be a special prize for a WP7  community app and you too can support fellow Windows Phone developers. Just click the tweet button placed under your favorite app until Thursday, October 27th; the tweet must include #telerikwp7prize in order to qualify.

Idea of the Week – Student Contest

Microsoft kicked off a new contest called “Idea of Week” for students on October 17th. The goal is to inspire students to come up with unique and original app ideas. You can find out more about the contest on the Windows Phone Developer blog; official rules are listed here. Submitted ideas can be tracked on twitter with the hashtag #wpappitup.

I Unlock Joy – Student Contest

A few months ago, Microsoft India launched the “I Unlock Joy” developer contest for students in India. The contest runs until December 18th.

Students, who get four of their submitted applications certified in AppHub, are eligibile to apply for a Windows Phone Developer Device. Detailed terms and conditions can be found here.

Icing on the Cake

What could top all these developer opportunities such as the free training at Windows Phone Camps, various contests to win cool prizes and free ad campaigns just for building Windows Phone apps, a Windows Phone design contest etc.? Probably a sign, that would provide further assurance, that developing for Windows Phone has a bright future?

Wait no longer; the Nokia Lumia Windows Phone has arrived. Just today, Nokia introduced Lumia, its first device build on the Windows Phone platform, at Nokia World 2011. They are launching an impressive marketing campaign, with the catchy tagline “The Amazing Everyday“.

My first phone was a Nokia, easy to use and sturdy as a brick. Over the years, I used various mobile phones, most of them Nokia devices. Aside my nostalgic bond, I believe, Lumia brings Nokia’s outstanding industrial design and Windows Phone’s elegant UI together. This is truly a stunning collaboration, which I wish to become highly successful. The attractive pricing strategy, prices ranging from 270 to 420 Euros, will also  play a key role in the adoption of Nokia’s first Windows Phone in the consumer market.

Nokia does not shy away from futuristic research, fast forward and your Windows Phone experience  may get you the flexible and twisted interface of the prototype Nokia Kinetic device:

This “fast forward” may have been too fast; but you get the idea. The future is exciting and bright. You can contribute to shape and enrich this future by building Windows Phone applications, which delight and fascinate the user.

Last minute bonus link: There is a contest to win a Nokia Lumia 800 on “the Amazing Everyday” Facebook page. Good luck!

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I am happy to announce that my SilverlightShow ECO Contest entry received the highest average community rate to my surprise and I am going to MIX10!  I wanted to add the MIX10 badge to my blog, once my event registration was complete, as I was still in some sort of astonishment.

There are very interesting contest entries; you definitely need to check out the app gallery. Congrats to the 1st prize winner Daniel James for his Carbon Counter app and the 2nd prize winner Levente Mihály for his EcoLight! app!

Now that there is only a week left to MIX10, I am very excited about the keynote, the sessions and all unexpected announcements. There will surely be surprises!

I have to thank SilverlightShow and Telerik for their awesome prizes and instant answers for all my questions. A special thanks to the International Year of BioDiversity (IYBD) Logo Review Board, whom I contacted to use their logo in my application. But most of all, a big THANK YOU to everyone who voted for me!

See you at MIX10!

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The United Nations declared 2010 to be the International Year of Biodiversity. There will be worldwide celebrations throughout 2010 to increase the understanding of the importance of biodiversity in sustaining life on Earth. I have worked on an application, that is a little Silverlight guide to celebrate the International Year of Biodiversity and submitted it to the SilverlightShow Eco contest today!

The application includes various animations, accompanying music files and information about biodiversity and the actions you can take to protect the Earth’s diverse eco-systems. A WriteableBitmap was my best friend, when I tried to dissolve the Earth in space to show that “there is no other place to go“! A Silverlight Bing Map control proved to be very easy to integrate and customize, when I wanted to display the worldwide biodiversity events in 2010. There is also a counter like the one on the Countdown2010 site, which shows how many days are left to the end of 2010 to work towards the 2010 Biodiversity target.

Here is the link to my entry; please vote for my little biodiversity guide! Watch it in the “full screen option” to see the layout in its original size.

I hope you enjoy the application and get a few informational hints about biodiversity and what individual tasks we can undertake to value and safeguard it.

Let’s end this eco-geeky entry with an irrelevant message:

Happy Valentine’s day! ♥

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Microsoft has launched a new contest called “Mix 10K Smart Coding Challenge” for the Mix09 conference. Project entries will be accepted until the end of January 2009. The web applications must be in Silverlight, WPF or run as a XAML Browser application. Applications will be be made available online for “Public Voting”, which means that there will be a “Community Choice” winner besides the “Judge’s Choice” winner. The winners will receive cool prizes; you can check them out here: http://2009.visitmix.com/MIXtify/TenKRules.aspx


So basically you should maximize the user’s Silverlight/WPF experience, but minimalize everything else – cut down/optimize your code, remove irrelevant libraries, comments, whitespaces etc. The code might not be pretty in the inside; but everything is about polished looks these days any way 🙂 Just kidding!


The 10K challenge info page also gives the following list of similar contests for some inspiration:

Wolfenstein 5K: http://www.wolf5k.com/

5K: http://www.sylloge.com/5k/entries/list.html

Stewart Butterfield’s 5K: http://www.alistapart.com/articles/5k


I googled and searched through tweets to check out some blog entries/news about the 10K contest. Bill Reiss’ Silverlight blog has some tips+tricks on how to cram an application into 10K. The notes really gave me “food for thought”! But I’m not sure if I’m motivated enough to become a contest participant; probably I need some food for courage as well?

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