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This is a quick “IllustrationFriday” work of mine; this week’s topic is “Blur”.


I really enjoyed the accompanying quote “The supreme accomplishment is to blur the line between work and play” (Arnold Toynbee). That’s an ultimate goal I suppose.

The little miss depicted here in the illustration seems to apply a “touch of blur” to anything that crosses her mind. Some helpful pointers about her brain traffic: Need new shoes, call mom, call friends, reply to emails, read that book, promotion?, sale, what to wear, what to cook, plan weekend, plan vacation, diet, exercise more often, this bag doesn’t match, new cosmetics?, house cleaning, gained weight, need chocolate, work too much, talk less, talk more, bad hair day, kids, love, happiness, career plan, 401K, money, chocolate, meditate, freedom, music … la la la la….

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Weekend Artist

This weekend I decided to use my Buntstifte (colored pencils) to do some drawings… and to stay away from the laptop! Sometimes I just need to reassure myself that the keyboard and the screen are not extensions to my hands/arms and eyes. I need to disconnect myself from the online world on purpose. It’s hard but not impossible!

Back to drawing… I used a promotional picture from OPI’s France collection – or La Collection de France, which I discovered in Instyle‘s November 2008 issue. But due to my lack of practice, I just left out some details from the original picture such as the hands, which I have never been good at drawing. I also changed the color scheme to make it a little brighter and because I didn’t have all the color shades!

Here’s the original picture and the end (or let’s say test) result:


opi-france         hatgirl_drawing_small


Feel free to make comments – but please don’t be too cruel.

As I said – I’m just sharing here some weekend activity… The word “artist” in today’s title is nothing more than wishful thinking!  Plus – where’s your holiday spirit? Falalalala la lala la…

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Empowered by the latest “yes we can” declarations, I decided not to wait for new year’s resolutions for my own change. As we all know; sometimes when you make your people-network aware of your plans/goals, you feel stronger and more determined to start something new or challenge yourself. What is better than the internet to reach a huge social network for support and sure critics as well? But each opinion can lead me to learn something new or at least make me remember something I forgot about. Today I’ll list down some steps that I believe will increase the possibility to turn me into the free and creative spirit I was in search of when starting my blog (Reference:About me).


Step1: Broaden my Horizon

Since last year I wanted to attend some classes, courses to build up a new friend and professional network (something you have to leave behind, when you move to a new country like me) and discover probably new interests/talents that I may not be aware of.

Finding a new class starting after September can be quite difficult, because most classes start before that. But the “yes we can” motto does not come with any option for excuses and I patiently went through all UC Extension web sites. Finally I found a perfect match at UCLA Extension and registered right away – hooray!

As of November 5 I have started to attend a Social Media Marketing Class at UCLA Extension and I’m excited for each meeting Wednesday evenings. Besides feeding my curiosity of how it feels to be a student in one of the UC campuses, it’s interesting to get business and marketing insider info on all the social media technologies I have been using for some time; mainly for personal reasons.

Wait; there’s more to come.

I took my educational craving a step further and decided to expand my horizon in fields that fascinated me; what if I would realize that I could create something fascinating too? Being amazed at what graphic designers and illustrators produce and wondering if I could bring some of the images in my mind to life by learning basic skills, I applied to CalState for Visual Arts classes offered this Winter term. My application is now in progress.

Ok; now it’s time for the next step.


Step2: Learn a new Language

Besides Visual Arts, I wanted to equip myself with a new language, so I took a Spanish Placement exam. It’s not hard to guess that California is probably one of the best places to catch up some Spanish. As a matter of fact, I speak German and Turkish, however I didn’t have a chance to use them here so far. It would be sooo fabulous to integrate my software development experience, language skills and artistic aspirations in some way. I’m open for ideas!


Step3: Soak in Art and Culture

In Istanbul, I was a frequent attendee in Is Sanat (sanat=art in Turkish), Ak Sanat, Borusan Sanat and Istanbul State Opera and Ballet, where I tried to enrich my soul with Classical Music concerts, interesting plays and special performances. All of sudden I realized that my artistic spirit was abandoned after moving to California and it needed desperately some attention.

Here’s what I have achieved so far for this artistic and cultural step:

Watching movies that were long on my “must see” list is another activity I included to this part. Recently I have watched Kiki’s Delivery Service, Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, In the Mood for Love and dozen other movies. All Hayao Miyazaki movies were magnificent, yet Kiki’s Delivery Service was by far the best! Watch the trailer video, if you need to fuel your inspiration or wish to delight your heart.



Step4: Bookworm Transformation

Once there was a girl, who cried when she remembered the books she had to leave behind cause her family was moving far away. Bit by bit she distanced herself from books, read them in an instant and tried to forget about them to avoid any feeling of attachment. May sound weird, but define normal to the human mind? Now all grown up, in the latest adventure of her life – this girl could possibly lift the curse and build a new imaginary bridge to her former kingdom of books.

A Mini-List of my current books: Groundswell, It’s Not What You Say – It’s How You Say It, Three Shadows, Istanbullular, Birds without Wings, Programming Interviews Exposed.


Step5: Professional Creativity

There are some minor application ideas lingering in my head, however nothing concrete to report yet. My personal brainstorming sessions still need some tuning, which mostly consists of reading, taking notes and asking many, many and really many questions.


Step6: Blog more often and just be myself:

This entry could be a firestarter. A flicker of hope for the blogger in me!


These are my steps to change before 2009. Suddenly I’m busy, I’m occupied, I’m sleepless – but who said change is easy?


Let’s end this entry with a quiz: After reading this irrelevant mix of resolutions, all without any correlation whatsoever, what sign do you think I am?!?

A tiny clue: Could something spreading into this many multi-directions survive in anything singular?


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